~ Ms. Soumaya Hamzaoui ~

Ms Hamzaoui is an Entrepreneur and Technical and Product Strategist. She has a strong track record of developing internet and mobile products across Enterprises focused on the #fintech global industry. Ms Hamzaoui has deep sector expertise built over the last 8 years across Africa Asia and EMEA in mobile money, digital financial services , and FinTech launches. She is currently an Executive at RedCloud Technologies and has been responsible for directing the product release of the next generation platform that is built for Banks targeting global markets; In this role Ms Hamzaoui leads both the product and global market development across all verticals including Insurance, Lending , Mobile Financial Services and Retail . Her responsibilities include the scaling from both an architecture and deployment perspective a platform that is targeted at an expected 1 billion strong audience. Ms Hamzaoui holds two Engineering degrees from a premier French engineering school and Algerian University