~ Ms. Veronica Trujillo Tejada ~

Veronica Trujillo Tejada has Ten years of professional experience. Seven years working in financial inclusion, financial system and private sector development including topics such as entrepreneurship, investments, digital finance, microfinance, SME finance, and gender. Experience in legal and regulatory  analysis, research, data management, project design and supervision, and the partnership creation.

She is a lawyer, holds a Masters in Diplomacy and International Relations from Diplomatic School of Madrid, Spain, another Masters in Economic Regulation from University of Salamanca, Salamanca, Spain and a PhD in  Applied Economics also form University of Salamanca. Salamanca, Spain.

Veronica is a volunteer in the project "Modelo Perú" a private initiative to build an interoperable platform to operate e-money, also an International Volunteer in Banica which is a project aimed at improving housing infrastructure for low-income people in the rural area.